QB Consulting by Belew

Ventura, CA 93001
Pamela Belew

QB Consulting by Belew Services

QuickBooks File Installation & Setup -
It is important that the initial installation and setup of your QuickBooks file be done correctly so all data entry will be accurate and will yield valuable financial reporting.  I will strive to keep the customized QuickBooks file I set up simple and tailored for you and your business needs which will save you time and eliminate frustration down the road.
QuickBooks Training - 
It is essential to understand how QuickBooks works so you can take full advantage of the powerful features it offers and correctly record your financial transactions.  Whether you are just starting with the basics or enhancing your knowledge of QuickBooks, my many years of training experience will help you feel confident in your everyday use of QuickBooks.

I am a very patient and skilled teacher who will immediately put you at ease while empowering you with the bookkeeping  knowledge you need to perform day-to-day data entry that will provide you with accurate financial records and information about your business.
QuickBooks Troubleshooting and Clean-Up - 
When QuickBooks has not been set up or used properly, financial records are inaccurate.  I can troubleshoot any problem areas that exist and teach you how to avoid them in the future.  I will also be available on an as needed basis to review your QuickBooks to make sure proper bookkeeping procedures are being followed.
QuickBooks File Evaluation - 
Good business decisions are made with good information which is why a QuickBooks file evaluation is so important.  When you have your QuickBooks file evaluation and analyzed by me, you will know if it is set up correctly.  I will ensure your financial data is being recorded accurately and that you maintain the reliability of your financial records so you are able to run your business better throughout the year and spend less time getting ready for your tax accountant. 
QuickBooks Year-End Clean-Up - 
When it comes to tax time, I can help you get your QuickBooks records cleaned up so your tax accountant spends less time preparing your returns saving you dollars!

I spent many years working for CPA firms as the designated QuickBooks consultant and clean-up expert.  I also have years of tax preparation experience so I know what your accountant is looking for.
o Payroll Setup; Quarterly & Annual Payroll Tax Returns and W-2 Reporting
o 1099 Reporting
o Quarterly/Annual Sales Tax Reporting
o Financial Reporting & Budgeting

Bookkeeping Services (On-Site and/or Remote ) - 
I provide full bookkeeping services on an as-needed basis whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Since every business is different, I will customize my service to fit your needs.  In addition to setting up and keeping your books, I have expertise in the following:
Software Conversions - 
I can assist you with converting to QuickBooks whether you are upgrading from Quicken to QuickBooks, or QuickBooks to Enterprise Solutions or QuickBooks Online.  I can also assist in converting from other accounting software products that are compatible with Excel.